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Article: Mastering Self-Tanning: Hacks for Tricky Areas (Hands, Feet, Knees)

Mastering Self-Tanning: Hacks for Tricky Areas (Hands, Feet, Knees)

Mastering Self-Tanning: Hacks for Tricky Areas (Hands, Feet, Knees)

Ready to rock that golden goddess glow without worrying about harmful UV rays? Self-tanning is the way to go. It’s like bringing the beach to you, minus the sunburn! But, nailing tricky spots can sometimes be challenging. Worry not! We’ve got you covered with the ultimate cheat sheet to make your self-tanning journey easy and achievable. 

Pre-Tan Preparation

Before applying your self-tanner, treat your skin to a delightful exfoliating session with Seraphic Skincare Korean Exfoliating MittsExfoliate the entire body, paying extra attention to areas like feet, hands, and knees. It will remove the dead skin cells and create a smooth canvas ready for the tanning product. 

Moisturize Strategically

Always pay attention to dry areas like elbows, knees, and ankles to prevent patchy application and create a more even finish. 

Use Barrier Cream

As we all would know, hands and feet tend to absorb more tanning products and darken so quickly. Apply a thin barrier cream or lotion on those areas before tanning. Focus on areas like the knuckles, nails, and between fingers and toes to prevent excessive tanning. This creates a protective barrier that ensures a more natural-looking tan. 

Pay Attention to Detail

Don’t miss a spot! Never forget to tan the sides of your hands and feet, as well as the tops of your toes and fingers. These areas are often overlooked and could give away a fake tan if left untreated. 

Wash your Hands Immediately

After applying the self-tanner, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water to avoid orange palms. Make sure to check the spaces between your fingers and under your nails, where tanner tends to accumulate. 

Sleep Sac Solution

Preserve the cleanliness of your bed linens by using our Tan Fan Self Tan Sleep SacThis will prevent your fresh tan from transferring onto your bedding and guarantee you wake up with a radiant, flawless glow, free from any unexpected bed stains. 

Keep the Glow Going

Once your tan has developed, moisturize regularly using our girls’ top favorite InstaNatural Vitamin C Moisturizer Face Moisturizing Cream to prolong its lifespan and keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Avoid exfoliating too vigorously, as this can cause the tan to fade unevenly. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Mastering the art of self-tanning takes practice. Experiment with various products to find what works best for you. 

With these hacks and tricks, you are now equipped to conquer even the trickiest areas and achieve a natural-looking tan! 

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