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Tan Fan Co


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Keep the glow on you.

The Self Tan Sleep Sac is a silky soft sleep cocoon that solves the #1 problem of self tanning - wanting bronzed golden skin without the stains, smells and mess.

100% Cooling Silky Poly

Tan Fan only uses premium-grade materials with a custom, anti-absorbent weave to keep your tanning lotion on you without transfer onto your sheets

Keeps Sheets Pristine

This is the best candidate for the job! Lightweight and breathable with versatile options no matter how you sleep - wriggly, squirmy or cozy sleepers - Tan Fan has you covered

Beauty Uncomplicated

Solving the problem of self tan stains, one bed sheet at a time. Large and roomy, foot holes to keep tootsies cool, built in pillow protector and travel bag to take everywhere