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Article: What is the Self Tan Sleep Sac and How Does It Work?

What is the Self Tan Sleep Sac and How Does It Work?

What is the Self Tan Sleep Sac and How Does It Work?

Sun tanning has long been a popular way to get a nice golden glow, but it can actually be quite damaging to your skin. The UV rays from the sun can cause premature aging and even skin cancer. Self tanning, on the other hand, is much better at preserving your skin while giving you a beautiful and radiant glow. With self tanning products, you can enjoy the look of sun-kissed skin without having to worry about the harmful effects of UV rays.

So yes we love self tan - but how about the stained sheets, sticky pj's and wriggling around on a towel while your tanning lotion develops it's glow?

If you're a fake tan enthusiast, you know the hassle of trying to keep your sheets free of tanning streaks. That's why the self-tan sleep sac is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their fake tans on their bodies and not on their sheets. This sleep sac is designed to be comfortable while keeping your tan in place, so you can wake up with a flawless tan every morning.

What is the Self Tan Sleep Sac and how does it work?

Our sleep sac is a luxurious sheet protector just like a silky 'cocoon' that you slip inside to sleep. It is a sleeping sack to protect your tan, your time and your sheets 

It works with our silky soft poly that slides over your skin rather than dragging and absorbing your tan off your body and onto your bedding. There is no transfer or soak through keeping your sheets pristine and stain-free.

The Benefits of Using a Self Tan Sleep Sack

Designed to prevent your tan from transferring onto your sheets for safe indoor tanning - the benefits are endless. Hassle-free; mess-free; stain-free means you can lather on your lotion and hop straight into bed without any worry at all.

Your self tanner will develop overnight so you’re left with a mess free sunless tanning solution with a flawless glow!

Why is it so good?

Our lightweight super-soft sheet protector is made of 100% vegan silky poly to keep you cool without rubbing or absorbing your tan. It is the best fabric for your self tan sleep sac developed by us over many months of trialling and perfecting.

Think of it as 'self-tanning sleepwear' or a silky sleeping bag liner that is breathable, innovative, unique and so so cosy and comfy.

Comes with a built-in pillow protector, open foot holes and reusable storage pouch to take on vacation. 

Lightweight, cooling and machine washable

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